Online Team Policy

Meeting Place: Online
Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 10:00 am- 11:30 am (class will sometimes run to 11:45 if we are debating that day, plan accordingly)
Teacher: Kathy Belcher

Purpose: To train Christian home school students in the skills of presentation, critical thinking, and research in an environment of honorable competition, to cultivate maturity, wisdom, grace, and poise, bringing glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Registration Fee: $25 per family
Class Fee: $150 per student, per semester
There is a multi child discount on the Class Fee for families with more than one student in the household. Registration and payment should be completed online,

Ages: Students must be 12 by October 1, 2024.

Classes Description: This class is designed to give students the opportunity to grow in the skills of Team Policy Debate. We will walk through the steps of argumentation, the structure of a round, debate round protocol, how to write a case, how to write a 2AC, and how to write negative briefs.

Necessary Supplies: Notebook with Notebook Paper, Pens, Yellow Legal Pad, Digital Kitchen Timer, Post-It Notes, a Google Account to access Google Drive, internet and ability to do online research

Student Behavior: Parents are responsible for their students. During class students are expected to behave in a manner that makes learning conducive for everyone. Any excessive talking and/or playing during class time will be handled by the teacher with the student. If the matter is not resolved by the student, a meeting with the parent will be necessary. If the behavior continues, the student will be asked not to return to class.

Cameras should be turned ON during class.
Students should remain muted unless speaking to reduce background noise.

Dress Code: Please remember to dress modestly and appropriately for the occasion.

Class schedule to come soon